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The happiest users of NoStash, the one that use it everyday, the one that keeping coming back, the one that check it on their phone, the one that keep a continuous stream of notes about their life. All those users started with a simple note.

Keeping notes is more about building habit and be disciplined than anything else.

Keeping notes lower your stress level and make your thoughts cleaner and sharper. 

Try to make an effort to write a small note NOW! We will remember you to write another one tomorrow.

Some ideas are:
  1. New breakfast ideas
  2. A recipe that you want to try with your loved one 
  3. The TODO list of today 
  4. Long term goals 
  5. Friends you want to keep in touch with
  6. Procedure to carry out boring tasks at work
  7. A new thing that you learned today
  8. A new thing that you want to learn tomorrow
  9. Something that you learned yesterday, and you want to refresh today

Build now the habit of keeping your lived organized and searchable and you won't regret a single second that you spend writing notes.

I build NoStash for me and to keep my life more organized, simpler, and with cleaner idea!

I took pride in being disciplined and constant in keeping notes and in organize my thought.

Take advantage of NoStash as well, write a new note now.

Note created the 9/10/2020, 10:12:32 AM

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