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📢 Public note 🌍 everybody can see it.

📚 Documentation - learn how to use NoStash

In Nostash you can create an unlimited number of notes.

Each note requires a title, some content, and tags separated by coma. All three fields are searchable.

You can search notes with the search bar on top of your library, your home page.

♻️ Update your notes

We are all humans, and we all make mistakes. In NoStash, after you publish your note for the first time, it is possible to update them.

You can fix typos, expand on explanations, re-word some hard to parse sentence, add some colors with emoji, add images.

After each update, the notes is re-indexed and you can immediately search for the new terms.

To update a note, open it, and click on the "Update" button at the end of the page. It will load the note inside the text editor. Don't forget to save the note at the end of your edit with the button "Save to Library".

🔒 Private vs 📣 Public notes

You will notice how each of your notes is associated with two symbols, either 📣 (a megaphone) or 🔒 (a closed lock).

The 📣 means that your note is public, everybody can see it, people can search for it, google can see it, and eventually it will also appear in google search.
The 🔒 means that your note is private. You need to log-in in order to see your private notes.

Each note start as private, however you can toggle the visibility with the button "Make Private" if the note is public or the button "Make Public" if the note is private.

⛰️ Permanent URL

The URL of all the notes is permanent, so you can share your public note with friends and colleagues and it will always work.

⛔ Careful when you delete your notes

Be careful when you delete a note, some services marks your data as deleted but don't actually remove the data. NoStash is different, if you delete a note, the note is gone. We cannot recover it. 

🔍 Visualize by Tag

The library has two visualization mode, the first one is the chronological one. The notes are displayed based on the time of the last updated.
The second mode is the "tag" mode, the notes are group by the first tag and displayed under that tag. Inside the tag the notes are, yet again, shown in chronological order.
You can toggle the visualization mode with the button, at the bottom of the library. "Show by Tag" will change the visualization from chronological to tag view, "Show by Last Update" will change the visualization from the tag view to the chronological one.

Note created the 9/8/2020, 6:29:02 PM

Note updated the 02/06/2022, 17:51:29

This is a public note in NoStash, the simple, indie, ethical app to create a knoweldge base and to keep notes.