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NoStash (as "notes" + "stash") is a web app to keep your notes organized and searchable.

I developed it to create a knowledge base about my life.

This is how a note on Nostash looks like! Yes, the homepage is a working note.

1. Once you register and login you will be able to create new notes!

Creating a new note

You can create an unlimited number of notes. So that you can store everything.

2. You need to add your title:

Add a title

The title will appear in your home page, your library.

3. Then you can add content to your note!

Create your content

Here the really important thing! The real content of your note.

4. Finally you can save it!

Save the note

Saving the note, add it to your library. While saving you can also add tags. Tags, like the title and the content, can be searched for you.

5. Now you can enjoy a fast full text search over all your notes.


And finally the search experience for your notes. I try to make it as smooth and as fast as possible.

NoStash, public and private notes

I build NoStash to store knowledge and information about my life.

Some notes are inherently private and I should be the only one to have access to them.

But life is about sharing, and some notes are to be shared. Some with family, some with friends and some other with colleagues.

NoStash is a simplicist first application, hence it provides only public 📣 or private 🔒 notes.

The public notes are open to everybody, the URL address stays constant, and you can share it with the persons important for you.

Public notes are also accessible by Google, and people will be able to find them on a simple online search.

This makes NoStash a simple yet effective platform to blog.

NoStash, search your notes

The more notes you write, the more important searching them became.

NoStash includes a powerful search bar that let you search all your notes, both public and private.

NoStash, text formatting 

NoStash is a tool for everybody to use everyday. Its editor is simple, yet powerful.

The editor allow to creates titles, make bold, italics and crossed over  text.
It allows to create order:
  1. One 
  2. Two
  3. Three
And unordered lists:

It also allow to includes pictures:

Example of Image - Milan

It formats quotes:

To Be or Not To Be.
cit. William Shakespeare

And it also formats blocks of codes:

for line in file:

My promises to you

We don't sell your data. Your data is yours and only yours. We just store it. And we never, ever look at your notes.

You can request your data back at any moment, a text representation of your notes will be available to you.

Trying it

Or you can register and create a real account.

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Note updated the 24/8/2023, 18:03:14

This is a public note in NoStash, the simple, indie, ethical app to create a knoweldge base and to keep notes.